Teething Solutions

Your baby’s first tooth is an important milestone in their life. But it is also the start of teething, a time which can be painful and exhausting for them, and for that matter, you as well. Yes, it may mean some sleepless nights and difficult days, but there are some things you can do to make the process easier on... read more »

How to Properly Clean Your Dentures

Your new dentures are allowing you to eat and speak properly and comfortably once again. They have also restored the beauty of your smile. To enjoy the benefits of your dentures long term, it is imperative that you take good care of them. Dr. Michael O'Neill and our team are happy to explain the importance of cleaning your dentures daily... read more »

Fall Smile Makeovers: Root Canals

Endodontists receive an additional two years of advanced training beyond medical school in order to perform complex endodontics treatments designed to save damaged teeth. This includes root canals. Every year in the United States alone, endodontic treatments are able to save millions of damaged teeth via root canal therapies. Root canal therapy is a highly advanced endodontic treatment that repairs... read more »

How Are Cavities Invading Your Smile?

Tooth decay and cavities are the main culprits in damaging a healthy smile. This happens when oral bacteria feed on sugary foods and create acids. This acid then mixes with bacteria, food particles and saliva to form a sticky film called plaque. Bacterial plaque erodes tooth enamel resulting in tiny openings in the tooth. These holes allow the decay reaches the softer... read more »

How to Help Your Child Prevent Cavities

Do you want your child to have a cavity-free smile? If so, so do we! There’s not much worse than seeing your child undergo the dental drill because certain oral hygiene needs weren’t met. So, to help you help your child have a cavity-free smile in Toledo, Ohio, your dentist, Dr. Michael O'Neill, and our dental team have some tips... read more »

Bruxism Symptoms and Night Guard Treatments

Have you ever heard of bruxism? Although bruxism is highly common, it is often an undetected condition that arises within individuals without them being aware of it. Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, occurs unconsciously often while the victim is asleep. Typically, bruxism results in dental damage including chips or cracks on your teeth. Tissue damage can also occur. Typically,... read more »

Oral Health Essentials: Thumb Sucking

Are you aware that thumb sucking is bad for your teeth and gums? Saving your child’s smile from the hazard of thumb sucking may seem like a daunting task, but it is important. Your child will not easily give up thumb sucking, but with patience and effort, you can help them. Most children use thumb sucking as an esteem booster,... read more »

Dentures and Your Smile

Life is a majestic story and we all have our chapter to play. However, as with all stories, it may be a roller coaster ride of feelings and sentiments with many ups and downs. In some cases, the wheel of fate does not always spin in our direction. As far as your oral health is concerned, teeth are not as... read more »

What Is the Effect of Aging on Your Dental Health?

Have you ever wondered about the effects that aging can have on your smile? Fortunately, your teeth are well-built, and with a little care they can remain strong for rest of your life, and can continue to serve you well even as chewing and eating can wear them down. Here are a few suggestions to keep your smile strong as... read more »

How Can I Help My Child Have a Positive Upcoming Dental Appointment?

Your child deserves to have a positive dental experience. This can help them feel comfortable in the dental chair for many years to come. Dr. Michael O'Neill and our dental team will work hard to help your child enjoy their visit, but we also need your help. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help make that happen. The... read more »